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At Roadside Solutions, we’re proud to specialize in a variety of heavy-duty commercial truck services. We perform routine maintenance for many fleet owners throughout the area. We can even perform certain minor repairs right there on the side of the road! The heavy-duty roadside assistance services we offer include but are not limited to:


Heavy-Duty Jumpstarts

When your truck experiences a battery failure on the road, you might be hesitant to call just any roadside assistance provider. Do they have the equipment and knowledge to jumpstart a heavy-duty truck battery? They might not. That’s why Roadside Solutions is here to help. Give us a call for the speedy jumpstart you deserve.

Commercial Truck Tire Changes

The experts at Roadside Solutions are licensed and certified to service commercial tires from a variety of manufacturers, including Hancock and others. We also service national accounts. Whether you need to switch to a spare or purchase a whole new tire, we can sell it to you, deliver it to your location and install it, all for a reasonable rate.

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Heavy-Duty Lockouts

Locking your keys inside your heavy-duty truck can cost you precious time if you’re en route to a destination. Roadside Solutions is equipped to retrieve locked-in keys from even the largest, most sophisticated trucks, ensuring a timely return to the road for everyone involved.

Battery Delivery & Replacement

Sometimes a heavy-duty jumpstart just won’t cut it. If your commercial truck battery has experienced a complete failure and needs to be replaced, you can count on Roadside Solutions to get the job done quickly and professionally. We are a licensed retailer of Interstate Batteries.

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Diesel Fuel Delivery

Many towing and roadside assistance companies are equipped to perform ordinary fuel deliveries, but not everybody has access to diesel fuel. Roadside Solutions does. If you run out of diesel gas on the road, just give us a call for the easy, efficient fuel delivery you deserve.

PM Services (Preventative Maintenance)

At Roadside Solutions, we enjoy business partnerships with a wide variety of fleet owners throughout the greater San Antonio area. For a regular flat rate, our experts will take a routine look at your commercial vehicles to ensure they’re up to speed. We service fleets from Element, GSA, Enterprise, MK, ARI, Dunlan and other manufacturers.

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